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One of my strongest memories is: sitting at a user-conference in Aarhus, Denmark and listening to clients, talking about their success-stories with „predictive behavioral targeting“. In danish language. Which means – i didn’t understand a word but just every few minutes this term „predictive behavioral targeting“ popped up – and this made me so happy that i just stayed longer in the audience than i was supposed to. This also happened in other places, in Athens (in a cooled down cinema, outside were 38C), Warsaw (Behavia user conference…), Portoroz (SEMPL), Paris* and other places around Europe. Perhaps people sometimes thought – why is he not leaving like any other international guest once the locals takeover and english is no longer the language of choice? Well – i can tell you from that moment in Aarhus that it felt just so awesome and moving to hear people talking about this technology that we invented years before in their own language – i mean, in the beginning we weren’t even sure we would be winning only one significant client in our home market (it took more than 12 months which felt like ages). And i remember numerous consultants or „advisors“ in the early days telling me and my management colleagues „do anything, but please get rid of this ‚predictive‘ element – people just don’t get it and it’s not gonna fly – go for behavior“. We didn’t. The reason is quite simple – ‚predictive‘ was the reason why this company was founded. Today it’s easy to keep it – not just because it suddenly got cool and everybody has data scientists and runs algorithms and lookalikes (whohoo) – we have simply proven that a predictive approach is the right one for many scenarios in advertising and if you want to do something significant with data. With the help of our clients and partners like those in Aarhus and elsewhere. Btw – i believe this – the need for predictive approaches or smart data solutions – even more applies in the field of Data-Management platforms and Realtime-Advertising, but this will be proven furtheron by my colleagues with the new leadership of Martin – and hopefully again with the help of so many lovely clients and partners from all around Europe.

And please international friends – don’t think that our german clients took it easy to buy into the concept and our sometimes weird technology. If you sometimes think you heard enough about „predictive“ – believe me – they had 10 times of your dose and are still loving it (right?).

For now i am feeling absolutely grateful for the 8 years that are lying behind me. The success of nugg.ad would not have been possible without my colleagues and their passion and dedication to deliver the best product in the market. We also would have failed if not many clients and partners out there would have bought into the idea (and the contract…), train their staff accordingly, convince their clients and partners and so on. This was crucial and i know it was not always easy. Thanks for making it happen.

*and dear French clients – we achieved so much together and i am absolutely proud about our position in your market specifically. Unfortunately, i did not deliver on one important promise: to learn your language. I am sorry for that and will try to fix this as soon as possible. Salut, et encore merci pour le poisson.

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