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So ist das Ergebnis einer globalen IBM-Umfrage mit dem Titel „The End of Advertising as We Know It“.

…it anticipates more changes at work in the next five years than have occurred in the past 50 years. Traditional advertising players risk major revenue declines as budgets shift rapidly to new, interactive formats, which are expected to grow at nearly five times that of traditional advertising. To survive in this new reality, broadcasters must change their mass audience mind-set to cater to niche consumer segments, and distributors need to deliver targeted, interactive advertising for a range of multimedia devices. Advertising agencies must experiment creatively, become brokers of consumer insights, and guide allocation of advertising dollars amid exploding choices. All players must adapt to a world where advertising inventory is increasingly bought and sold in open exchanges vs. traditional channels and…interactive advertising paired with consumer analytics provides compelling knowledge of who viewed and acted on an ad rather than estimates of impressions…

und weiter mit einigen interessanten Details:

– execs are planning on moving about 30 percent of their ad spend from traditional agencies to online ad exchanges within the next five years.
– Two-thirds of execs believe 20 percent of ad revenue is expected to move from media channels based on impressions, to rates based on actions, such as click-thru rate
– 40 percent of the 2,400 consumers and all 80 advertising executives surveyed found ads during an online video segment more annoying than any other format (banners etc.).

Natürlich ist -wie in den USA üblich- ein Buch entstanden, gleichzeitig gibt es jedoch eine Zusammenfassung (28 Seiten) als free download.
Die Studie gibt einen recht guten Überblick zum Stand der Dinge, z.B. auch für die neuen Bereiche video ads und mobile ads. Die alte „Mother Blue“ hat sich wirklich gemausert – spielt auf der Linux-Klaviatur, bewegt sich hin zu den 3D-Welten (Linden Lab) usw. ist wahrhaftig auf dem Weg weg vom „alten Eisen“, dahin wo die Musike spielt – online.