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BT continues to grow. A video.
Monty Hudson, VP of sales & media for Revenue Science, discusses the tremendous opportunities for advertisers, agencies, publishers, and consumers using behavioral targeting.

How BT helps facilitate conversations
An interview with Adam Broitman/Crayonville, a partner of Revenue Science, discusses how behavioral targeting helps facilitate conversations with customers.

eXelate launches new dashboard for behavioral targeting
The dashboard gives marketers real time information including revenue generation, performance and audience composition.

ValueClick Media mit neuer Behavorial Targeting-Lösung
Die „Precision BT Suite“ umfasst zwei Produkte: Precision Retargeting™ und predictive Behavorial Targeting

BuzzLogic Launches ‚Conversationally‘ Targeted Ad Network
More than 500 blogs are currently bundled into the network

MySpace Stats Show Huge Disproportion in Online Advertising
Only 9 countries generate 95% of all advertising revenue for MySpace. Facebook, which has seen rapid growth through the international expansion, is gobbling up traffic that advertisers simply don’t care about


ViralNetworks – a new Social Network for Internet Marketers
The system is set up so you can earn credits for referring new members to the network. The referral system is multi-tiered, meaning that you also earn more credits if the member you referred refers another member.

BlueKai Auctions Anonymous Online Shopper Data
BlueKai works with data buyers and sellers to aggregate anonymous shopping and research behavior across the internet. It then auctions that data — without providing personally identifiable details — to advertisers trying to hone their ad targeting abilities.

Social Networks – an Ad Market?
How 10 US-agencies tackle social media. Statements by Video
One key opinion: less than 1 percent of all digital-advertising budgets currently flows to social-media sites.

Making Money from Social Ties


AdCamo Introduces the Brandable Cursor
Every Inch of the Web Shall Be Monetized: in addition to conventional text and banner ads, publishers can now make money on everything from in-line text ads to pop-up previews.

How Much Marketing Is Digital?
More than six out of 10 CMOs and senior marketing professionals surveyed in the US said that digital tactics (including mobile) accounted for more than one-quarter of their agency marketing, according to a July 2008 study by Zoomerang for Sapient.


Digital is viewed as most effective ad channel

EIAA: Europas Marketing-Entscheider setzen verstärkt auf Online-Werbung
Mit 81 Prozent baut die überwiegende Mehrheit der europäischen Werbungtreibenden ihre Online-Budgets in diesem Jahr weiter aus, 16 Prozent wollen 2009 deutlich zulegen, 17 Prozent im übernächsten Jahr.


But Let’s Be Serious: Online Display Ads Will Fall Sharply In 2009
PwC study: „we would estimate at least a 10% drop next year and probably more. (20% is not inconceivable)“
Of course, there are analysts and pundits who have a far graver view of the state of online advertising. They see the general bullishness behind online ad spending growth as overblown, misplaced or just plain foolish. Bill Morrison, of ThinkPanmure, who sees online advertising spending sinking like a rock, to only 3% growth in 2009


Werber kommen um Web 2.0 nicht mehr herum

Ad agencies team up on social-media standards
Called the Social Media Advertising Council, SMAC’s aim is to create a set of standards for social-media advertising, sometimes called „engagement advertising,“ that mirrors the standards set for print, television, and display ads.

Umfrage: Mobile Advertising und Bewegtbildwerbung weiter auf dem Vormarsch
84 Prozent der befragten Experten aus Mediaagenturen und werbetreibenden Unternehmen glauben an die Bedeutung des Handys als Werbeträger; sogar neun von zehn Experten setzen hohe Erwartungen in die Zukunft der Bewegtbildwerbung im Netz.

Laut der Studie „Werbewirkungstest: Online Spot vs TV-Spot“ von Quality Channel erinnert sich jeder fünfte Rezipient ungestützt an die Inhalte von Online-Werbung; TV-Spots blieben nur bei zwei Prozent im Gedächtnis.

Internetwerbung funktioniert wie im TV
Mid-Roll-Werbespots besser als Pre-Sale-Spots

‚Call to Action‘ Advertising Hits $419M by 2012
„Call to Action“ advertising, spawned by a combination of mobile TV and a cellular communications backchannel – and virtually non-existent in 2007 – is expected to grow heavily according to a MultiMedia Intelligence study


The blogosphere’s biggest ad networks in the USA


While blog readership has exploded, advertising investment represented only 1.34 percent of online spending in 2007, and eMarketer estimates it will grow to 1.46 percent by 2012. According to that estimate, U.S. blog advertising will increase from $283 million in 2007 to $746 million in 2012.

The News Revolution Started
From Google digitizing old newspapers (so long microfiche!) and YouTube becoming a road to a Pulitzer, to Zillow, Newspapers Form Huge Advertising Network and Twittercasting on CNN.


Banners and the death of advertising
Luckily, the consumer has started to get numbed-out by the whole banner experience. Let’s all work to create something meaningful for consumers. Let’s create an ad format that will shape the future for the better – one that benefits us all. Example: HBOlab Experiments With Content in Ad-Free Zone

Privacy front:


UK government allows ISPtargeting by Phorm despite EU concerns
But any future deployments of the system must be done with consent and make it easy for people to opt out. Phorm intends to launch soon in the U.K. with Internet service providers BT Group, TalkTalk and Virgin Media. The Key Sentences:

• User profiling is done only with the knowledge and agreement of the customer
• The profile is based on a randomly allocated unique ID, so there is no need to know the identity of the individual users
• Phorm does not keep a record of sites visited
• Search terms entered by the user and the advertising categories exclude sensitive terms and are widely drawn so as not to reveal the identity of the user
• Phorm neither has nor wants information that would let it link a user ID and profile to a living individual
• Users are presented with an unavoidable statement about the product and asked to exercise a choice about whether to be involved
• Users are able to easily access information on how to change their mind at any point and are free to opt in or out of the scheme.


„Google nimmt Datenschutz extrem ernst“
Interview mit Peter Fleischer, dem Datenschutzbeauftragten des Suchmaschinenbetreibers Google.

Google anonymization not anonymous enough
Google may have deflected regulatory smack-down in the short-term, but it’s privacy practices are still not up to the same standards as its competitors. They only recently halved the retention period for personal information to 9 months, but even then their anonymizing process is simply changing the last digit in the logged IP. Diabolical! Even Microsoft completely eliminates IPs from search tracking data eventually.
But: The simple truth is that any IP anonymization technique, no matter how strong or weak, is simply a waste of time, if cookie values are not also anonymized.

Das letzte Gefecht des Datenschutzes
Zukunftsstudie zum Umgang mit Daten 2020


Self Surveillance
The new device Fibit tracks activity and sleep patterns 24-7


The 5 countries where the locals won’t let Google win


The German start-up scene: Copycats, but getting smarter
A visitors report about the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin. One impression: the funding environment is depressingly anemic by U.S. standards


Im ad-portal zeigt Microsoft die besten nationalen und internationalen Online-Werbekampagnen in seinem Werbenetzwerk

With SemantiFind, Internet Users Always Feel Lucky When They Hit the Search Button?

Semantic web & advertising

Last but not least:


Taxi drivers have ‚brain sat-nav‘

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