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Chris Sanchez, Kelley Blue Book (a Revenue Science partner), discusses in a video how BT provides precision and efficiency to KBB’s advertising offerings.

A Question Of Influence: BT And Accountability
As behavioral targeting has moved in the past few years from novelty toward necessity, many marketers have come to realize that behavioral technologies, like consumers, are unique, and that one size does not fit all. As Web developers, optimizers and advertisers attempt to apply an ever wider array of behavioral approaches, Elizabeth Apelles, CEO of Greater Than One, an ad agency widely deploying behavioral solutions, explains below, the task of understanding the multi-dimensional impacts of behaviors on results, becomes more and more central.

DIY Ad Targeting from MySpace
Do-It-Yourself platform for everybody launched. The ad program runs on a CPC basis with a minimum $0.25 bid ($25 campaign minimum).

Platform-A Gets Into The Ad Exchange Business With Time Warners ‚BidPlace‘

Axciom Unveiled New Online Advertising Targeting Tool

Semantic Tech Added to Personifi Audience Targeting Platform

Not tiny but „budURL“
BudURL combines metrics with shortening. It gives you a way to track where your link was clicked. clicking on a BudURL will give the person who made the URL your IP.


Ning corrals 500 000 social networks in one place
For now, about 3 percent of Ning users pay $19.95 per month for a premium subscription that allows them to sell their own ads. But for those users that opt for the free service, Ning will have the right to sell the ads. But with so many social networks — many of which count members in the hundreds or less — Ning may have a difficult time achieving the reach many advertisers are looking for.

Ringleader Digital Launches On-Demand Mobile Ad Publishing Network, the Industry’s First All-Inclusive Ad Network
By integrating with common campaign management systems such as DoubleClick and Atlas, Ringleader Digital’s On-Demand Network gives agencies and brands the power of real-time campaign tracking from their own single administration interface.

What’s Next in Online Advertising?

OMMA-Conference: An excellent overview of the state of the industry

Campaigns get smart
The internet has redrawn the commercial landscape for advertisers, as budgets follow audiences online. Although behavioural targeting is still not the norm for media planning, agencies are getting ever wiser about how to use it. But: „The overwhelming view in the industry (about behavioural targeting) is one of caution (because of the privacy discussion). No one wants to turn consumers off new technology.“

Half of online travel consumers turn to web 2.0
No longer do online travel consumers turn solely to glossy websites, image galleries and magazine itineraries

Flirtomatic, one of the oldest mobile community in the UK with 1M users
Venture Investors Expect Web 2.0 Shakeout

VCs love ad platforms – Europe accounts for nearly half of all investment

Trion World Network raises $70 million for server-based online games

Zu viele Online-Vermarkter in Deutschland?
…sagt Lynda Clarizio, Chefin von AOLs Onlinevermarkter Platform A. Und: „Eine Reduzierung auf 40 bis 50 Unternehmen wäre durchaus sinnvoll“, findet Olaf Mahr, Geschäftsführer der Mediaagentur Pilot. Derzeit existieren allein in Deutschland etwa 500 Online-Vermarkter.

AGOF: Bei den Vermarktern wird es enger

Agenturbranche wächst nur schwach
Jedoch: Starke Umsatz-Zuwächse verzeichnen die Agenturen im Bereich Online-Werbung. Entsprechend investieren die Agenturen am stärksten in die Neuen Medien.

„Wer nicht online ist, hat verloren“ und „Unternehmertum in Deutschland ist noch nicht cool“, sagt Lars Hinrichs und Marc Samwer lästert über das G1

Privacy front:


Americans EXTREMELY Concerned About Internet Privacy
A poll revealed that 93 percent of Americans think internet companies should always ask for permission before using personal information and 72 percent want the right to opt out when companies track their online behavior.

FTC Warns of Impending Government Regulation of Web Ad Industry
„We sounded the clear call for self-regulators,“ said Eileen Harrington, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection for the FTC. Either firms involved with behavioral targeting provide clear notice to Web users about data collection, she continued, „Or it’s going to get done“.

AT&T: Internet Users Deserve Pro-Consumer Privacy Policies for Online Behavioral Advertising Services
Statement: „While we have no immediate plans to offer online behavioral advertising we believe that a key dimension of any such program would be to give customers significant control over collection and use of their search and Web browsing data for online advertising purposes, by requiring their advance affirmative consent“



IBM ortet gespaltene Technologie-Gesellschaft
„Die vor 1970 Geborenen bleiben digitale Immigranten“

The software ExitReality brings 3D web to life
Users can explore the web in 3D and interact with people online. Turn a user’s Facebook or MySpace profile page into a „virtual apartment“.

Alle Kontaktmöglichkeiten in einer URL ablegen

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