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Ein roundtable Gespräch über Behavioral Targeting
(Planetactive, Advertising.com, UI, Interactive Media)

Mistaken Identity at Revenue Science – a personal report
According to the Rev, Science “file” on me, I’m a “hip homemaker” who probably trades stocks and buys expensive clothes and boats. Actually, I’m 24, single and I live in a cramped New York City apartment where my television sits on top of my refrigerator. I sometimes dog-sit for extra spending money and have never bought or sold a single stock. As for luxury boats, the closest I’ve come to one most recently was during a run past a yacht club in St. Petersburg, Fla.


Interwoven allows targeting of unknown web visitors
The content can be targeted based on user geography, daypart, referring URL and even click stream. Businesses can use search engine-friendly URLs to help improve search engine optimization and can even control different areas of pages with tag libraries.

Onlinevermarkter vor Konsolidierung – Ad Networks im Aufwind
Fast jedes große Portal, das sich bislang fast ausschließlich selbst vermarktete, will in die Fremdvermarktung einsteigen.

Use of Ad Networks Surges Six-Fold as Media Companies Step Up Monetization of Unsold Online Advertising Inventory

Online ad network Platform V launches
Media Initiatives Group UK has launched an online ad network, Platform V, having secured deals with automotive websites to join the platform and ad campaigns from several car manufacturers.

The race is on to leverage social media data in ad targeting.
Once a company defines its best customers, it can use their „social graphs“ to find others just as likely to buy the product.


Making Social Networks Profitable – with influence-tracking
Google’s new approach could offer advertisers coveted online communities
They have a patent pending on technology for ranking the most influential people on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. In a creative twist, Google is applying the same approach to social networks it has used to dominate the online search business.

Erfolgsmessungmessung von Social Media Marketing Kampagnen

Most Agencies & Publishers Fail To Offer Real Ways To Embrace Social Media
For 99% of companies the imperatives lie in deconstructing and rebuilding their cultures and attitudes toward customers. How to do?

Reinventing the agency business is needed
Web Industry Pursues Efficient Frontier. Why solving sales process problems via technology is critical for future growth

XIPAX – The ad community geht an den Start
Kooperationspartner ist der ADC of Europe, HORIZONT Deutschland und HORIZONT Österreich sind Medienpartner


Targeted Advertising: Is Mobile the Holy Grail?
Bytemobile is making the mobile phone a friendlier platform for video and, thus, for serving targeted advertising.

Study reveals companies fail to measure mobile traffic
More than 70% of businesses are not measuring mobile traffic to their sites and half of companies do not now how many unique users access their sites from mobile devices, reveals a new study by Omniture.

Google’s Advertising Spending Falters in Western Europe

Who Suffers From A Slow Down In Online Ad Spend?
„Those professionals dealing in tonnage and smoke and mirrors…“. No question that agencies who charge a percent of media spend will suffer


Uber.com, a social network and blogging platform that had raised at least US$7.6 million from investors is shutting down

Privacy front:


Do politicians understand Behavioral Targeting? No.

ISPs Vow Self-Regulation to Curb Data Misuse
In the wake of the NebuAd uproar, Verizon, AT&T and Time Warner act before the government steps in, while pointing fingers at privacy abuses elsewhere.


Privacy group chimes in on Yahoo, Google pact
The proposed partnership could threaten Internet users‘ privacy by placing too much user data with a single entity. Some Google facts.

Social Networks gefährden Privatsphäre
Fraunhofer SIT warnt vor Datenschutzmängeln in Web-Communitys. Getestet wurden Facebook, StudiVZ, MySpace, wer-kennt-wen, lokalisten sowie die Portale Xing und LinkedIn.

Die User werden blockig – Angst vor bösen Cookies?
Adblocker, Cookies-Löscher, anonyme Surfer – das Geschäftsmodell derer, die ihre Inhalte und Programme kostenlos im Netz anbieten, ist bedroht. Derzeit wird z.B. das add-om adblock plus in der Woche über 500.000 Mal heruntergeladen
Besser: Inhaltsbezogene Werbung nervt den Surfer weniger und bringt mehr Umsatz.



The next Internet. Thoughts by the „father of the Internet“ Vint Cerf

How To Rival Google?
Change The Paradigm! It’s not about money. Creating environments where users keep exploring the passions, their interests, their information needs from where they are on the Web. „People go to search engines when they can’t find what they want where they are.” says Quintera „cloud“ CEO

A New World Wide Web!
To the existing WWW that is structured in a similar fashion. But some things are different: this new Web features a characteristic web browser and a new domain name system.


What Will Replace Newspapers? A look into the near-future.
After they die, local TV will benefit—but probably no one else

Last but not least:


Even the „perverted charts“ by Edward Tuftle are brilliant. He is:
„The world’s leading analyst of graphic information.“ (Nature)
„The Leonardo da Vinci of data.“ NYT)

das Allerletzte -:)


Only US$ 8500 per year?
Male Chauvinists Earn More than Egalitarian Men

jobs1.jpg jobs2.jpg

Sexy Power-Geeks
Das Netz macht doof lt. Spiegel..jedoch : Das Web hält sie jung!


10 Dinge die sie nicht über Käse wissen
z.B.: Mäuse mögen gar keinen Käse, die Nagetiere bevorzugen Nahrung mit hohem Zuckergehalt.

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