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The new Behavioral Targeting Standards Consortium (BTSC)
Organization with over 240 member companies aims to Develop and Advocate BT Guidelines

Revenue Science’s Behavioral Targeting Solution for Advertisers is the 1st in the market that Offers Ability to Discover and Reach Audiences at the Right Time and Place


Behavioral Targeting: Wie setze ich Online Targeting richtig ein?

Nokia allows ad targeting for 10 specific US-cities

Is Hitwise in the Phorm biz?
A spokesman of Hitwise -owned by credit checking giant Experian- said: „Hitwise is not in the behavioral targeting business and just focuses on our competitive intelligence service that uses anonymized ISP data to provide an aggregate view of the market.“ Over 25 million ISP users are affected, including 10 million in the US.


When ad targeters attack their own.
Front Porch, a targeting provider accuses five companies of violating their patent: Feeva Technology, Hitwise USA, Kindsight, Microsoft, and NebuAd.

Social Media and Shopping Behavior
Retailers join consumers in the online conversation.


Making Money from Social Ties
Advertisers are building complex applications to try to engage users on social networks. „It seems a little like the search industry was in the mid to late ’90s“…For the time being advertising money is spread pretty thin across social networks.


Social Media & Etats
Karl Valentin Zitat: “Kunst ist schön, macht aber auch viel Arbeit“. Genau so ist es mit dem Web 2.0 und der operativen Umsetzung von Kommunikationsstrategien mittels Social Media-Maßnahmen.

MJ is right: „You can’t always get what you want“
Today, as a new emerging middle class of quality publishers continues to explode onto the digital media landscape, the “findability” of these publishers is harder than ever. Leading agencies are now buying on *thousands* of sites annually (the big three thousand?). For both publishers and buyers, real-time, algorithm-dependent ad optimization means a forfeiture of control

Umfrage: Pop-up-Werbung nervt selbst die Media-Szene

The economics of moving from print to online.


Compare 3 numbers:

a) the cost of an online newspaper,
b) the audience needed to absorb costs
c) the audience of the biggest website

Craigslist’s founder in an interview on the future of digital
Q: „With millions of ads posted and answered, Craigslist is a repository of user behavior online. What have you learned about how we interact online? Do you ever mine your user data?“
A: „We don’t do it. We don’t help anyone do it…“
Today, there are Craigslists in some 550 cities in 50 countries and more than 12 billion page views a month.

Privacy front:


The Beginning of the End to Privacy Debates?
Solutions that don’t store previous user history nor utilize personally identifiable information. The example Baynote.

„Klassischer Datenschutz ist überholt
SVEN GÁBOR JÁNSZKY Trendforscher und Leiter des Leipziger Thinktanks forward2business im Interview


‚We don’t know what Web 3.0 is, but we must have it‘
EU bids to dominate future nebulous buzzword

The 25 Most Influential People on the Web – „of course“ US-only..


Die TOP 160 start-ups who are…“Best Positioned To Weather A Downturn“
Deren VC-Infusionen reichen von $455m ((Platz1) bis „nur“ $25m (der Letze)

last but not least:


Statistics And Trends From The State Of The Blogosphere 2008
Making Money With Blogs? The answer is an unequivocal YES! But how much? The median annual revenue for a blogger is only $6,000. But: the top 1% of bloggers earn $200k+ per year.

Is Google breaking down?


das Allerletze:

World’s Largest Vertical Social Networking Site? It’s about cooking, stupid!


and the Largest Vertical Blog Network? Yes, about dogs!de

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